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view of FiTech's Force Fuel Mini
1. Mini Force Fuel System
The popularity of the Force Fuel Sump System has spurred the demand for an even smaller version to fit cramped engine compartments. To answer the call, FiTech is excited to offer the new Force Fuel Mini.

Like the other Force Fuel Systems, the Mini is fed through a low-pressure mechanical (or electric) pump, saving the need to modify the entire fuel system. The reservoir of the Mini is equipped with an efficient 255-lph pump and internal regulator to provide a consistent 58 psi of fuel pressure for your EFI system.

The compact design of the new Mini Force Fuel fits easily under the hoods of street rods and smaller engine compartments. To make installing the Mini easier, its mounting bracket is designed to be installed in four positions.

The Force Fuel Mini is supplied with a high-pressure fuel hose, AN fittings, a liquid-filled gauge, 10-micron filter, and a return line bung to complete the installation. Available as PN 50006 or included in FiTech’s Master EFI Kits for a variety of applications, it is capable of supporting the fuel demands of 600hp engines on gasoline. A sturdy, versatile mounting bracket offers four mounting options and a powerful 255-lph fuel pump and internal regulator for reliable fuel supply. An effective 10-micron serviceable filter ensures the best filtration available.

For more information, contact
FiTech Fuel Injection at (951) 340-2624 or visit fitechefi.com.
view of DEI's Floor & Tunnel Shield; view of shield installed on vehicle
2. Underhood “Cool”
Design Engineering (DEI) now offers its popular Floor & Tunnel Shield in an attractive deep matte black finish, providing a new option for underhood aesthetics. Manufactured with a high-temperature thermal coating, it is ideal for protecting electronic components from damage while keeping the vehicle’s interior cool and comfortable. Easy to shape and designed with a low profile that is only 3/16-inch thick, the shield can be used most anywhere to block heat—firewalls, transmission tunnels, under floorboards, fuel cells, and more. Simply trim to fit, then peel and stick to install. The aggressive high-temperature adhesive backing keeps the shield securely in place with minimal to no affect from wind, water, or adverse weather conditions.

DEI’s Black Floor & Tunnel Shield is available now in either a 7 or 14 square feet, size 21×48 (PN 050552) or 42×48 inches (PN 050549). Both can be purchased wherever DEI heat and sound control are sold.

For more information, contact
Design Engineering at (800) 264-9472 or visit designengineering.com.
view of Patriot Exhaust's electronic exhaust cutout kit
3. All-New Electronic Exhaust Cutouts
Out for a cruise or out on the track, Patriot Exhaust Electronic Cutouts give you complete control over the sound of your exhaust and you can do it all with a wireless remote that features a simple, two-wire hookup. Patriot’s R&D department has been hard at work perfecting their leak-free, butterfly design and you can rest assured they did not miss a beat. Kits are available in 2.5- or 3-inch diameters. Stainless steel construction resists rust and corrosion over time while boasting superior strength and good looks. Unlike other kits, there is no welding of the Y-pipe required. This is a DIY bolt-on installation, no trips to the muffler shop. The leak-free design with butterfly valve seals against a recess machined body or lip to prevent nasty leaks. Its compact size makes for easy installation with versatile mounting locations and it fits a broad range of applications, allowing for clearance on lowered vehicles. Turnouts are located on a spin ring to allow 360-degree adjustability. Wireless remote with two-wire hookups to the battery or fuse panel. No in-car switch required or holes through the car to run wires.
For more information, visit
Patriot Exhaust at pertronixbrands.com/pages/patriot-exhaust.
Aviaid's aluminum engine pan
4. Coyote Aluminum Dry-Sump Oil Pan
Aviaid, the company that pioneered dry-sump lubrication systems in motorsports, now offers a fabricated aluminum pan for 5.0L Ford Coyote engines (2011-present). This newest Coyote package includes the anodized aluminum pan with three scavenge ports, three AN-12 fittings with built-in stainless steel mesh filters, a combination windage tray and gasket plus fasteners. The pan, developed in collaboration with MMR, is designed to be used with either a three-stage dry-sump pump for street or moderate competition (one port is plugged) or a four-stage pump for all-out racing. Aviaid offers both its popular Series 1 pump or the Roots-style rotor Series 2. A variety of brackets and pump drives are available to provide installation options to best suit most race car or street machine applications. Aviaid also manufactures a full line of dry-sump tanks of varying capacities. Remote adapters, filters, braided stainless steel lines, and fittings are also available.
For more information, contact
Aviaid at (818) 998-8991 or visit aviaid.com.
view of AMD's glovebox doors
5. Squarebody Replacement Glovebox Doors
Auto Metal Direct (AMD) has just released the very first reproduction glovebox door for 1973-1991 Chevy and GMC Squarebody trucks, Blazers, Jimmys, and Suburbans, made just like the original. Each glovebox door is stamped from high-quality automotive-grade steel and features the correct shape, size, bends, curves, and holes. Each glovebox door arrives EDP coated to help protect against rust and corrosion prior to installation. Replaces GM PN 6264131. AMD is your go-to source for premium-quality Squarebody restoration parts. These OE-quality components from AMD are the perfect touch to your restoration.
For more information, contact
Auto Metal Direct at (877) 575-3586 or visit autometaldirect.com.