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And That’s a Wrap … Keep On Truckin’ 2023 is in the (History) Books

s you’re sure to read further on in this issue, the LMC Truck/CTP Keep On Truckin’: 50 Years of Classic Haulers went off without a hitch … well, that is, for those trucks on display that did not have a hitch still attached! I’m still in awe as to what an amazing group of trucks we ended up having on hand—indoor and out—at this year’s 73rd Grand National Roadster Show. But since I already ranted and raved about the success of the show, I won’t waste any of your time or page space here repeating myself.

What I will talk about, however, is one of the things that came out of the Keep On Truckin’ exhibit on Thursday evening at the participants’ “cake social” that officially kicked off the show. Rod Shows’ John Buck announced the inaugural Grand National Truck Show this coming September 16-17 at the Fairplex in Pomona in Building 4 and the surrounding exterior … for now! The all-inclusive (Chevy, Dodge, Ford, you name it—if it came with or has a bed, it’s welcome), all-years (turn of last century to turn of this century) truck show will welcome everything from street rods and restos to full customs and 4x4s. As a title sponsor, I hope to see this event grow into the West Coast’s premier truck show (anyone remember Big Al’s gigs?!).

Following in the footsteps of its GNRS predecessor, the Grand National Truck Show will feature a prestigious “World’s Most Beautiful Truck” award (perpetual trophy, cash purse, and all) as well as a full host of class/category awards to be given to inside participants as well as our usual Editor’s Picks for the trucks showing outdoors.

Not only are vendors highly encouraged to be part of this first-time event, but I’d personally like to invite any and all clubs to come out and show in force! This past GNRS may have set some records for truck entries, which tells me there’s no reason why the GNTS can’t—and won’t—start off with a bang this summer!

For more info, please visit or stay tuned into our social channels for regular updates as they become available. We’re just in the beginning stages of this landmark event, so there’s bound to be plenty more exciting news to come!