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April 2023
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Series Restored by Lokar
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Series Restored by Lokar
Wilwood disc brake
Custom fabbed engine bay
Wilwood disc brake
Custom fabbed engine bay
C10 and K5 Blazer at auto show
Bronze and white custom Dodge A108
Silver 4th gen F-100
Black Chevy 3100
Hot Rod
April 2023 cover
On The Cover:
John Jackson put in some overtime this month capturing both cover models: Kerry Wienke’s ’56 F-100 and Matthew Forst’s ’69 A108!
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Still Hammerin’
Rob Fortier headshot
And That’s a Wrap … Keep On Truckin’ 2023 is in the (History) Books

s you’re sure to read further on in this issue, the LMC Truck/CTP Keep On Truckin’: 50 Years of Classic Haulers went off without a hitch … well, that is, for those trucks on display that did not have a hitch still attached! I’m still in awe as to what an amazing group of trucks we ended up having on hand—indoor and out—at this year’s 73rd Grand National Roadster Show. But since I already ranted and raved about the success of the show, I won’t waste any of your time or page space here repeating myself.

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Black leather seats and metal seat frames
1. The Affordable, Bolt-In, Custom Interior Upgrade for Your Truck
LMC Truck’s Custom Bucket Seat sets come assembled and includes the seat slider tracks and seat reclining mechanism. The seats are universal and require mounting brackets for installation (mounting brackets sold separately). Bucket seats are made from premium-grade vinyl and stitching that will stand up to years of wear and tear. The ergonomically shaped seat cushions are made with high-density, injection-molded foam to ensure comfort with the proper support. The all-metal seat frame is TIG-welded then electrostatically coated for strength and durability. LMC Truck Custom Bucket Seat sets come in black only (with red or black stitching). Bucket Seat sets fit ’47-98 Chevy and GMC, ’48-96 Ford, and ’72-93 Dodge trucks.
CTP Feature
From Farm to (Coffee) Table title
Kerry Wienke’s BBT Fabrications–Built ’56 F-100 Went From Rusty Relic to Magazine Cover Truck
BY Rob Fortier & Kerry WienkePHOTOGRAPHY BY John Jackson

nce a utilitarian workhorse now a stunning feature truck churned out by BBT Fabrications, Kerry Wienke’s F-100 is truly a work of functional art. Here to tell the family tale in his own words, Kerry fills us in on the history and evolution of his now family heirloom ’56 Ford…

CTP Tech
"Bigger, Better Brakes"
New 6 pot Wilwood brake kit
Finishing Off Our ’64 C10 IFS Install With a Set of Six-Piston, 14-Inch Wilwood Disc Brakes
BY Taylor Kempkes Photography by THE AUTHOR

ast month we made the case that classic trucks are about the best project vehicles you can get, they just need a little help in the handling department. To solve that, we installed a complete bolt-on IFS system from Scott’s Hotrods ’N Customs on our ’64 C10. It gave us rack-and-pinion steering, adjustable coilovers, and a more modern suspension geometry. So now we’re set up with a front suspension that can handle the twisties and ride like a dream, but what happens when the light turns red? This month it’s all about the brakes.

CTP Event
Classic black chevy pickup truck
2023 Grand<br />
National Roadster Show

Keep On Truckin’: 50 Years of Classic Haulers

BY Rob FortierPhotography BY The Author


t’s 1 p.m. on Friday, February 3. Day one of the historic Keep On Truckin’: 50 Years of Classic Haulers exhibit at the Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS) at the Fairplex in sunny Pomona, California. All I have to say is, holy sh … wow!

Where else can you find a massive display of classic trucks, vans, and mini-trucks—not only in one giant room (Building 9 on the east side of the complex), but all surrounding the exterior as well?! Well, this is it, and it’s more impressive than I’d ever imagined it would turn out to be. Thanks to everyone at Rod Shows (John, Kevin, and especially Karpo) for coming up with the idea and coordinating the most eclectic array of haulers ever gathered! And an extra big thanks to LMC Truck for co-sponsoring the event with us!

CTP Feature

Vantasy typography

Matthew Forst’s Goolsby “Custom” ’69 Dodge A108

BY Rob FortierPhotography BY John Jackson

’m going to start off by simply saying I am not much of a “van” guy. I’ve never really been into the custom van scene, even though my dad had the coolest ’75 Dodge B-Series Tradesman that he did a driveway custom conversion on (shag carpet, cherrywood paneling, and a set of Cragar S/S five-spokes) that same year in Aptos, California. The whole resurgence of custom vans is indeed very cool and great that it’s keeping part of vehicular Americana alive and well, but it just wasn’t really my thing … until this past SEMA, that is.

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CTP  Tech

1. Gary of J&S Gear rebuilt and updated our tired ’64 Chevy C10 12-bolt rearend.
12-Bolt Tune-Up
New Life for an Old Rearend
BY Ron CeridonoPhotography BY Tim Foss

ne of the common and most beneficial upgrades on ’63-70 Chevrolet C10 pickups is the addition of disc brakes (disc brakes became standard equipment in 1971). The good news is, the increased stopping power converting to later model disc brakes allows the use of a variety of custom wheels with a 5-on-5 bolt circle as opposed to the original six-bolt pattern. The bad news is you’ll still be stuck with six-bolt wheels on the rearend. However, for every problem there is a solution, and in our case the solution came from Classic Performance Products (CPP) and J&S Gear Company.

Bare 'N" Beautiful title

Lloyd Originals Brings a ’67 C10 to the Next Level

BY Chuck Vranas
Photography BY The Author


t’s a rare moment in time when a factory-fresh hauler straight from the production line possesses a near-perfect form as in the coveted Chevy C10. Held in highest esteem with other gems, including the ’32 Ford, Gen 1 Camaro, or even the early Buick Rivieras where you’d be hard-pressed to improve on the designer’s original concepts. It takes a keen eye with a nod to tradition when taking on a challenge to refine the lines of such revered models. Fortunately in hot rodding there are numerous talents embracing the world of custom fabrication, from mild to wild and everything in-between when it comes to adding a personal touch.

the factory fresh ’67 C10

1. A sturdy support is needed to cradle the radiator core and tie the tops of the front fenders together. This support is made of square tubing with some flat reinforcing plates.

The Souza F-100
Crafting a Custom Aluminum Fan Shroud

BY Ron CovellPhotography BY The Author

he most recent project to be completed on the Souza F-100 is the fan shroud. This is actually several panels carefully crafted to fit cleanly together, which not only ensures that the fans draw air efficiently through the radiator but that they also continue the smooth, sweeping curves that encircle the engine, adding a lot of style and showcasing the powerplant when the hood is open. These panels involve some tricky layout and fitting, and you may very well pick up some good tips that can help with other projects.

Attitude typography
Danielle Rigos’ Misfit ’56 Chevy 3100
BY Scotty LachenauerPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

“I may not have understood what was under the hood when I was a little kid, but I knew what I liked—the cars. I always had an interest in them,” Danielle Rigos states when talking about her lifelong love affair with hot rods, muscle cars, and trucks. “It was all around me when I was growing up. My brother is 10 years older than me and always had some sort of hot rod around. At that age I knew I wanted to be part of that scene.”

three quarter passenger side view of Danielle Rigos’ Misfit ’56 Chevy 3100
CTP Tech
Glenn Sinon is known for his craftsmanship and innovation. Check out the Chevrolet script taken from a rocker cover that has been cleverly integrated into the LS Fabrication firewall installed in his latest project.

1. Glenn Sinon is known for his craftsmanship and innovation. Check out the Chevrolet script taken from a rocker cover that has been cleverly integrated into the LS Fabrication firewall installed in his latest project.


Glenn Sinon’s Latest After-School Project



t seems like Glenn Sinon has held a body hammer or a spray gun in one hand or the other for most of his adult life. He’s worked in body shops, is a former training instructor for PPG, and today Sinon teaches collision repair and refinishing at A.I. Prince Technical High School in Hartford, Connecticut. So what does he do in his spare time? He builds spectacular cars in his home shop—Sinon’s Ford Maverick was featured in our sister publication Modern Rodding, he’s won best paint at the Detroit Autorama, and received the Master Builder award at the Boston World of Wheels.

CTP logo Event
"The Big Three-Oh!"
We Travel Halfway Across the Globe to Experience Mooneyes’ 30th Anniversary Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama, Japan!
BY Rob FortierPhotography BY Tim Sutton

ay back in 1999, a conversation between myself, Anthony Castaneda, and Mooneyes owner Shige Suganuma outside Castaneda’s recently acquired Doll Hut bar in Anaheim, California, ultimately led to my first of many trips to the land of the rising sun—Yokohama, Japan—to be an honored part of Mooneyes’ amazing Hot Rod Custom Show (HRCS).

Slammed red K5 Blazer and slammed 2nd gen sand C10


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