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Classic Ford instruments
1. Classic Instruments ’57-60 Ford Truck & ’61-66 Ford Econoline Van Packages
Classic Instruments announced the release of two all-new Ford direct-fit packages: a ’57-60 truck package and a ’61-66 Econoline Van package. It will be available with the company’s Hot Rod– and White Hot–style gauges, as well as an OE style. Additional features include an option between the standard 4 5/8-inch speedometer or a Speedtachular; speedometer/tachometer combination gauge; plus 2 1/8-inch fuel (75-10 ohm), oil, temperature, and volt short-sweep gauges. The kit arrives with all necessary sending units, fuel sending unit not included, as the fuel gauge is calibrated to stock 75-10 ohm, mounting bracket and hardware (factory bezel not included), and a speedometer wiring harness. The speedometer harness is constructed of automotive grade TXL wire, machine-crimped terminals, tech-flex sleeving, and Molex main connectors. A standard stud connection is used for the fuel, oil, temp, and volt gauges. Gauge lighting is standard incandescent with the option to upgrade to LED lighting. Green turn signals are mounted in the housing, and a red high beam indicator is built into the speedometer via Classic Instruments Halo lighting. The package is equipped with their ZST and built-in ECM signal filter switch, meaning it works directly with ECM or VSS signals, no need for an additional control box. These new clusters can be purchased from Classic Instruments direct or through any one of its authorized dealers.
For more info, contact Classic Instruments by calling (800) 575-0461 or visit classicinstruments.com.
Duralast Sensors
2. Duralast Premium OE Sensors
With ’80s muscle cars showing up more in the hot rod world there are bound to be a few false readings from spent sensors causing issues with a stock fuel management system. Duralast offers a vast number of drivetrain sensors, solenoids, and switches that provide a direct plug-in fit and are to OE specifications. From mass airflow to temperature sensors, crank, or cam position to knock sensors, Duralast has your engine management replacement sensors ready. Plus, every sensor is built to meet or exceed the OE design so each new sensor will function with the OEM (or aftermarket) fuel management system.
For more information on these electronic parts and many other OE or better quality replacement parts, contact Durlast by visiting duralastparts.com or visit your nearest AutoZone auto parts store.