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K, I’ve been holding out on this one for a bit, but after attending a few larger events this summer I can no longer pinch my fingers, so to speak. As the accompanying image suggests, I’m referring to the “convenience” of electric scooters for spectators at car shows … or is it the “inconvenience” of electric scooters for participants/vehicle owners and exhibitors at car shows?

For many, the availability of scooters at larger events has made it possible for them to see the entire show without being physically challenged, and I personally think that’s a great thing. The last couple years of my father’s life he would not have been able to attend even a local cruise night without the assistance of a scooter. Obviously, that’s not where my issues lie.

Over the years, the popularity of electric scooters has grown enormously—so much so, in fact, oftentimes it’s difficult for non-scootered spectators to maneuver through the aisles/rows, let alone see the vehicles/vendors they’re there to see in the first place. Beyond that, I’ve seen the numbers of “non-needy” individuals (healthy, young people) using said scooters increase even more so … at a staggering rate. It is of my opinion that if you don’t need the assistance of an electric scooter, keep your butt out of them and walk the show like everyone else! (I say this as we just returned from a HUGE event where we had access to golf carts to aid in our coverage of the nearly 10,000-vehicle show … so I do feel a bit hypocritical, even though we only used them outside and on rare occasion!)

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While photographing an event with “human” obstacles has always been—and will continue to be—a challenge, with or without the presence of scooters, that’s not where my main gripe lies. No, what I’m mostly concerned about are the younger people carelessly operating scooters around the show vehicles, as well as other spectators, and potentially causing harm to one or the other … or both. I won’t even get into the aspect of people using scooters while intoxicated, but that is a major concern, just as it is with participants drinking heavily and then cruising and/or driving home.

Ultimately, it all boils down to being responsible … right? We can all avoid any mishaps if we simply scooter responsibly, no matter our age or disposition! We all come to car shows, big and small, to enjoy ourselves, to enjoy the time and money put into the vehicles we come to see, and to patronize those who support this great hobby of ours!