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Super charger Dress Up
1. LT4 Supercharger Dress-Up
Lokar Performance Products recently announced an addition to their LS Classic Series line with their new GM LT4 Supercharger Lid. With its finned aluminum construction and polished highlights, the Supercharger Lid provides a slick vintage look for your modern supercharged LT4 engine. These lids are a direct replacement for the factory supercharger lid, can be installed in as little as 15 minutes, and are made right here in the USA!

For more info, contact Lokar Performance Products by calling (865) 824-9767 or visit lokar.com.

Chevrolet Cameo Trim
2. All-New Chevrolet Cameo Trim!
Quality Classic Parts has been producing quality reproduction parts for over 50 years. Their latest challenge was to make Chevrolet Cameo trucks more affordable. Prior to introducing the new bed trim pieces, the only option was to find the elusive original parts and have them restored and rechromed, which was a costly endeavor, to say the least. Owners were spending up to $5,000 just to recondition the parts after they acquired them. Quality Classic Parts now offers them at a fraction of that cost. The 18-piece kit sells for under $2,400.

For more info, contact Quality Classic Parts by visiting qualityclassicparts.com.

mount gas tank
3. Ford F-Series Bumpside Hood
Auto Metal Direct (AMD), a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality automotive sheetmetal, is proud to introduce the all-new AMD Steel Hood—OE-style tailored exclusively for the iconic ’67-72 Ford F-Series (150/250/350) pickup trucks. This isn’t just another hood; it’s a homage to an era, an ode to the legendary Bumpside trucks, that have roared through the pages of automotive history. Over the years, the Bumpside series of Ford trucks, with their distinct bumped line that runs alongside the flanks, have garnered a unique place in the trucking realm. But for too long enthusiasts and restorers have yearned for a truly premium restoration-quality hood that complements the Bumpside’s legendary stature. AMD has answered that call. Crafted with precision and unparalleled craftsmanship, this reproduction hood rekindles the classic charm of the Bumpside trucks, infusing them with a renewed life. Every curve, bend, and contour has been meticulously crafted to reflect the OEM style. The use of top-notch, automotive-grade steel ensures durability while preserving the authenticity of your beloved truck. With the AMD Steel Reproduction Hood, you’re not just investing in a part, you’re investing in a legacy. Give your Bumpside Ford truck the respect and reverence it deserves with this premium hood, ensuring it turns heads and ignites conversations wherever it goes.

For more info, contact Auto Metal Direct by calling (877) 575-3586 or visit autometaldirect.com..