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The Bad Bump title
The Bad Bump title
Don Richards’ ’72 F-100 Styleside
BY Rob FortierPHOTOGRAPHY BY Tim Sutton

f you hadn’t already gathered based on the dual 10-inch, gold-anodized velocity stacks protruding from the hood, Don Richards nicknamed his ’72 F-100 “Bad Bump” for one not-so-simple reason: the long-stroke, 6-71-blown, 545ci big-block of Ford Lima Engine horsepower not-so quietly nestled beneath.

But it’s not just the healthy “motorvation” powering Don’s Bumpside that contributes to that appropriate moniker—it’s a package deal, as it were, and one that transpired over time to become its current bad self.

“I was given the truck by a guy who didn’t want to store it for his dad,” Don told us. “I initially installed a 390, lowered it, and drove it till I hit a plate in the road, destroying the stock crossmember.” Obviously this is where the real Bad Bump transformation began.

To address the wrecked frontend, Don opted to forgo repairing and/or replacing the stock crossmember, instead fitting the F-100 with an ’05 Crown Vic IFS, while the rear was updated with a ladder bar–located, Aldan coilover–suspended Versailles 9-inch with a 4.56 billet locker.

looking at a white truck through a hole in a brick wall covered in graffiti
close up of engine on a white truck
The once-460 big-block that replaced Don’s previous powerplant of choice features a dual-keyed, forged Scat crank with forged rods, 8.1 CP pistons, custom blower grind cam, and Pro Comp aluminum heads. Using a Don Hampton intake (only one of two ever produced in the ’80s, according to Don), a Mooneyham 6-71 supercharger utilizing a pair of Holley’s Super Sniper throttle bodies (zinc coated, appropriately) helps force-feed well over 900 hp out of the Bad Bump though a TCI Street Fighter C6. A Holley HyperSpark ignition and Hedman/Flowmaster 70 Series exhaust help produce that power output.
under the hood of a white truck
rear of white truck
The mostly stock exterior (hood is fiberglass; bed floor is dimple-die/anodized aluminum) was given new life with a fresh coat of ’05 Acura NSX white by Osmar Mata/Cambra Speed Shop. Curtis Speed provided the perfect finishing touch by custom machining a set of 15-inch Halibrand-esque wheels now wearing skinny Nexen 165R radials on the 4-inch-wide fronts, with beefy Hoosier Quick Time Pro 31×18.50 slicks stuffed in the tubbed rear wheelwells.
close up of shock in a truck
close up of tire and rim on a white truck
bed of truck
steering wheel and speedometer
black fabric driver and passenger seat in a white truck
emergency brake lever
California license plate that reads 'BAD BUMP'
Finally, after Mike Swan had wired the truck, Don re-outfitted the interior of the cab in a semi-resto style with a heavy race-influenced flavor. Gold carpet with black vinyl/plastic accents have been matched up with a pair of ’17 Mustang GT bucket seats equipped with five-point Crow Enterprises harnesses. The stock instrumentation has been replaced by “old-school” Mallory analog gauges (flanked by the Holley Sniper command module) as Don described. Rounding out Bad Bump’s interior very fittingly are a Winters’ Sidewinder shifter, Grant retro steering wheel, and a Moon “go-fast” foot pedal!
white truck in the desert