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Master Power Brakes Carbon X Brake Booster
1. Showstopper
Do you currently pop the hood on your most prized possession and absolutely hate the look of the brake booster? We have for years and finally decided to do something about it. Master Power Brakes is excited to introduce their all-new Carbon X Brake Booster. There is finally a brake booster that has the looks to go along with today’s high-end builds. Traditionally, a builder has gone to great lengths to move, hide, or cover the brake booster. It is finally a part that can be featured. Master Power Brakes’ Carbon X Brake Booster consists of high-gloss outer carbon-fiber shells holding the modern 9-inch, dual-diaphragm internals. All of this is held together with several CNC-machined billet aluminum components, including the two outer billet aluminum rings. The standard Carbon X Brake Booster will utilize outer rings that are standard in either black anodized, polished, or brushed finish. A few custom upgrades are also available, giving you the ability to match the brake booster to your engine compartment’s theme and overall look. Additionally, the outer rings can be configured so that you can see the hardware from the front or the rear of the brake booster. If you are ready to take your brake system and engine compartment to the next level, give them a call.
For more info, contact Master Power Brakes at (888) 351-8781 or visit mpbrakes.com.
Golden Star Classic Auto Parts 1947-1953 C10 Pickup Seat Track Set
2. Stay on Track
The 1947-1953 C10 Pickup Seat Track Set from Golden Star Classic Auto Parts fits just like the factory to get you back in the seat in no time! Golden Star is known for the best quality, fitment, and tooling and this seat track set is no exception with its smooth glide. Golden Star offers the best in classic muscle car and truck restoration panels and accessories.
For more info, visit Golden Star Classic Auto Parts at goldenstarauto.com.
pieces of PerTronix’s cap and rotor kit
3. PerTronix Flame-Thrower GM V-8 HEI Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit
PerTronix’s cap and rotor kits include nylon rotor hold-down screws. Flame-Thrower dust covers provide a larger air gap around the coil, which provides cooler operating temperatures. Cap and rotor kits meet or exceed OEM specifications and serve as direct replacements for 1975-1990 Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Buick, Pontiac, and Cadillac applications with GM HEI ignition. Molded from PBT compound for superior protection from voltage “arc-thru” and crossfire, it has brass cap terminals and rotor contact-resist corrosion, and provides maximum spark distribution. It includes OEM-spec carbon center contact plus a low-resistance option for high-output ignitions. New rotor screws included. Includes spark plug wire retainer for high vibration and racing applications. Complete HEI units also available.
For more info, contact PerTronix Ignition Products at (909) 599-5955 or visit pertronixbrands.com.