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XS Power Batteries Lithium battery
1. XS Power Batteries’ All-New Lithium Line
XS Power Batteries is proud to introduce their all-new XV line of lithium batteries. Engineered and built in Knoxville, Tennessee, and constructed from Lithium Titanate chemistry, XV batteries are non-hazardous and require no special charger. Weighing less than 8 pounds and providing 1,000 cranking amps, the XS Power XV lithium batteries also have a life expectancy up to five times that of a comparable lead acid battery and can handle temperatures as low as 40 below!

Available in many direct-fit sizes and designed to be used with stock or high-performance alternators, the XV line is a great choice to drop weight and add power to any street, strip, or race car. Starting at $449.99, the XS Power XV lithium batteries are also an exceptional value.

XS Power is a manufacturer and distributor of high-performance batteries, chargers, capacitors, cable, and accessories. They offer AGM lead acid, lithium, and custom-made power solutions, as well as a complementary line of accessories to the automotive, powersports, marine, and commercial markets worldwide.

For more info, contact XS Power Batteries at (865) 688-5953 or visit xspowerbatteries.com.

Wentz Motor Company’s C10 bolt-in IFS
2. Wentz Motor Company’s New ’63-87 C10 Bolt-In IFS
Wentz Motor Company’s new C10 bolt-in IFS is engineered with three major design elements: ease of installation, performance handling, and a wide range of alignment adjustability. The whole installation process takes only hand tools. Wentz has used all existing factory mounting points to reduce installation problems, time, and human error. Absolutely no cutting or welding is needed to install this unit. Handling has been improved through their design process, which allows for high static negative camber angles needed with aggressive low treadwear-rated tires. With controlled roll centers, built-in antidive, elimination of bumpsteer, and optimized camber and caster curves, this unit provides the best handling and ride available today in a bolt-in IFS unit. It also provides that aggressive stance for the look. Wentz also has kits available for ’47-54 and ’55-59 Chevy pickups. What’s included in the package: bolt-in crossmember, tubular upper and lower control arms complete, forged spindles and steering arms, 11-inch vented rotors with bearings and seals, 5×4.5 or 5×4.75 bolt pattern, GM big-bore calipers, single-adjustable coilover shocks, black powdercoated springs, power rack-and-pinion unit, tie-rod ends, Grade 8 hardware, and installation instruction booklet. Additional upgrade options for brake packages, power steering kits, sway bars, and motor mounts are also available.

For more info, contact Wentz Motor Co. at (434) 770-1933 or visit wentzmotorco.com.