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May 2023
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Make It Yours. Make It Lokar. Modern Performance. Classic Style. Endless Options.
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Series Restored by Lokar
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Series Restored by Lokar
'53 El Cameo at Autorama
Custom fabbed engine bay
'53 El Cameo at Autorama
Custom fabbed engine bay
C10's engine bay
Chrysler Rescue Green '67 C10
Slammed baby blue '62 C10
Dark green Chevy 3100
Hot Rod
May 2023 CTP cover
On The Cover:
John “Nonstop” Jackson coming in hot with the dramatic cover shot of Terry Rose’s “Twisted”… the ultimate GMC Jimmy!
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*Prices subject to change without notice, please inquire. Also, please note that kits and prices may vary between certain applications.
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Still Hammerin’
Rob Fortier headshot
Finally …

t’s the first week of March and after the amount of rain Mother Nature’s dumped on SoCal in the past two months—as much as I love winter—I’m finally glad Spring is on the horizon. Besides, with natural gas prices what they are now, I can’t afford to heat my house anymore this year, let alone grill a steak on the barbecue!

Leaving the climate politics out of the equation, the warmer weather means the outdoor show season is upon us once again. As I write this, I’m preparing for my second annual Reunion Truck Show in Chandler, Arizona, and folks in Texas are gearing up for the Lone Star Nationals in Fort Worth (not to mention the huge Lone Star Throwdown a couple weeks prior). Suffice it to say, it’s time to end any hibernation periods, break out the dusters, top those fluids, check your tire pressure, and hit the streets!

I realize that we West Coasters don’t have it quite so bad, and for those (unlike me) with trucks that run and drive you are oftentimes able to “hit the streets” year-round. But for you readers who really endure brutal winters, there’s definitely some downtime to deal with each year as winter rolls around.

CTP  Parts Dept.
A Picture of Tubular Control Arms and other mechanical parts
One of the biggest trends we’re seeing is the resurgence of the ’88-98 Chevy OBS trucks. While there are a handful of suspension and brake parts already on the market, most were designed when these trucks were new. A lot changed in the last 20 to 30 years and Classic Performance Products (CPP) thinks there is plenty of room for improvement, which is why they are developing entirely new products for the OBS trucks with the goal of integrating modern technology and design to accommodates today’s contemporary build styles.
Twisted Tale typography
Terry & Sara Rose’s GMC Jimmy
By Rob Fortier & Terry RosePhotography BY JOHN JACKSON

s anyone who knows me knows, I’m quite the purveyor of the social medias … primarily the IGs. As such, I’ve been able to better immerse myself into all facets of our hobby—as well as crazy politics, human bloopers, and so forth—from the vast amounts of events across the country to the new products just hitting the market to the trucks and their builders/owners. Such was the case with Terry Rose.

Twisted Tale typography
Terry & Sara Rose’s GMC Jimmy
three quarter drivers side view of Terry and Sara Rose's indigo and white classic GMC Jimmy

CTP logo Tech

BY Jason ChandlerPhotography BY THE AUTHOR
Project #Backpay Title
Upgrading the ’60s C10’s Steering … the CPP Way

roject #backpay, a ’66 Chevy C10 that was once a humble circle track service vehicle, is the latest truck to go under construction from the guys at Auto Metal Direct (AMD). With a full rebuild in the works, this truck has a rich history and some questionable repairs that we will attempt to address, but more in future issues of CTP. The plan is to keep this a running/driving project as long as possible before any major transformation takes place. In the meantime, we need to address the steering on the truck. We want the truck to have a nice street truck feel to complement the new 20-inch Ambassadors from Detroit Steel Wheel. So, we turned to our friends at Classic Performance Products (CPP) to keep us between the lines without breaking the bank.

Granddaddy Diesel typography
Jeremy Shultz’s Duramax-Powered Chevy 3100

BY Scotty LachenauerPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

“I’ve been into Mopars for as long as I can remember,” Jeremy Shultz, owner of this stunning Chevy 3100, says. You might figure that’s a weird way to start off a feature on a farm-bred, badass Bowtie but there is a deeper connection to this truck and the owner that only good family values could forge.
three quarter passenger side view of Jeremy Shultz's limerock green Cummins-Powered classic Chevy 3100

CTP  Tech

bucket list
1.TMI Products’ Pro-Classic Sport bucket seats in their latest stitch design offering—Double Diamond—paired with a Pro-Series Sport-R buddy console/Sport-R dashpad and matching Sport-DD door panels give new life to the interior of the first Week to Wicked C10.
TMI Products’ Professional-Classic Interior Face-Lift for Your C10
BY Rob FortierPhotography BY Taylor Kempkes

here are two things that can—and will—severely stonewall the progress of a truck project, regardless of the level of the build: body/paint and interior. (They don’t call it “paint/upholstery jail” for nothing!) Unfortunately, unless you’re the proprietor of a paint and body shop, which more often than not causes even more delay, there’s really no way around the lengthy time frame of that portion of the overall build process. The interior, on the other hand, is definitely something you can take full control over with one simple phone call or a few clicks of the mouse. (Note to upholsterers reading this: we know you’re not all like that!)

CTP Feature

Chrysler Rescue Green metallic '67 C10
"Dream Machine"
Cameron Smith’s Missouri-Built ’67 C10
BY Fuelish MediaPhotography BY The Author

t’s very rare for someone to have the opportunity to take ownership of his or her personal grail truck right away—but Cameron Smith got close. “I’m all about trucks,” he says. “The ’67-72 Chevy C10s are my favorite models, but the ’67 small window is by far the ultimate of them all for me.” While the opportunity to purchase a ’67 eluded him for quite some time, he did get to spend some time with a ’70 Chevy pickup before getting the truck you see on these pages.

CTP logoFeature star IN THE SHOP

BY Shawn HollowayPhotography BY CTP STAFF
flushed title
Scott’s Hotrods ’N Customs Shows Us How They Seamlessly “Fit” C10 Glass

ou know the saying (even though some now want to ban it from our language) “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”? Well, no offense, but there’s also more than one way to flush-fit the windshield on a ’67-72 Chevy/GMC C10! Obviously, there’s the direct-to-consumer method of obtaining precut glass from someone like AM Hot Rod Glass or Fesler and having it professionally glued in (or attempt the install yourself, if so inclined). The fellas at Scott’s Hotrods ’N Customs, on the other hand, have a different method. To explain their intricate process, we gave installer Shawn Holloway the mic … er, paper?! Take it away, Holloway:

Pedal Down
Canadian Rust Busting & Hot Rodding at its Finest
BY Fuelish MediaPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

hen Trevor Williams of Gasboy Customs in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, bought this old ’62 Chevy truck, he was actually looking forward to the long, grueling nights repairing its many issues. It took him three years to overcome decades of damage that plagued damn near the entirety of it. So why did Trevor take on this project to begin with? First off, the truck belonged to a good friend who was looking to offload it cheap. Secondly, he isn’t afraid of a challenge—obviously. Last, and more importantly, Trevor was surfing a recent surge of C10 inspiration that was just too overwhelming to fight off. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get and see how far you can go with it.

'62 Chevy truck
Making The Bed ... Twice title
Auto Metal Direct to the Rescue: Building a Better (Squarebody) Bed Box!
Auto Metal Direct to the Rescue: Building a Better (Squarebody) Bed Box!

ne of the greatest aspects of the classic truck hobby is the act of completely un-utilizing the characteristics of the trucks we drive! Whether it’s massacring the suspension or, as a result of that, obliterating the bed floor beyond the point of usability, we’re professionals at ruining old trucks, aren’t we?!

All kidding aside (for the most part), the more we lower our trucks, the more we have to deal with collateral damage, as it were—be it removing/severely modifying the inner front wheelhouses or, in this case, adapting a Fleetside bed floor and inner bedside panels to a recently installed, airbagged rear frame section with a huge kick-up/notch. The latter scenario is something we recently encountered at Jimenez Bros., and as it would turn out, I was able to do more than just observe.

CTP logo Event
Show floor covered in vehicles and attendees at the 70th Autorama
"70th Meguiar's Detroit Autorama"
Trucks Invade Detroit!
BY Eric GeisertPhotography BY The Author

rucks, trucks, and more trucks! It seems customized pickups are everywhere nowadays—from early ’70s Broncos selling at Barrett-Jackson for $375,000 to a hundred vintage and historic pickups showcased in their own building a few months ago at the Grand National Roadster Show. What’s more, it seems there’s no end in sight with this current popular trend.

What's Inside Your Ride typography
TMI logo
Visit us at typography
red truck driving and two black leather seats
close up of black and brother leather seats
close up of gray and brown leather seats
Cruiser Collection logo
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Pro-Series Seats logo
TMI logo
red truck driving and two black leather seats
Cruiser Collection logo
close up of black and brother leather seats
Deluxe Bench Seat logo
close up of gray and brown leather seats
Pro-Series Seats logo
CTP Tech
duralast brake drum

1. Not every truck needs four-wheel disc brakes, but every truck does need a well-maintained and functional brake system. With the help of Duralast replacement parts, we were able to update the stock rear drum system with new drums, shoes, and hardware to produce a factory-fresh braking action.

Time For New Shoes
Updating Factory Drum Brakes



rucks have been stopping proficiently with rear drum brakes for decades. Perhaps not the most effective form of braking available these days, but for many classics out just cruising the road, a pair of discs up front combined with a well-maintained set of drums in the rear will perform safely and just fine.


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