CTP  Parts Dept.

V-8 independent, with an 8 3/8-inch 3.78 ring-and-pinion
1. Make it a Quickie!
More and more builders are discovering the advantages of quick-change rearends, which allow you to change your final drive ratio from highway-friendly to track-ready with a simple 10-minute gear change. For those building high-performance trucks with an eye toward road racing and autocrossing, Winters Performance offers a fully independent quick-change rear in addition to their standard solid-axle rears. They’re available in either the smaller V-8 independent, with an 8 3/8-inch 3.78 ring-and-pinion that’s rated for up to about 600 hp, or a larger Champ Independent with a 10-inch 4.12 ring-and-pinion rated for 1,000-plus horsepower. Both are equipped with Winters’ limited-slip differential and a range of output flanges, from Corvette style to Porsche 930 and 934 style, making installation simple. Finish options from natural cast and fully polished to an all-new, all-black Teflon coating means there’s an independent quick-change for every style of custom truck. For an even more custom appearance, you can even choose an anodized aluminum gear cover and Winters will etch your logo or design at no additional cost.

For more info, contact Winters Performance by calling (717) 764-9844 or visit wintersperformance.com to view a digital catalog or request a printed copy.

FiTech’s 3x2 throttle body system
2. Modern Old-School
FiTech’s 3×2 throttle body system is a great way to fuel your muscle car or hot rod truck, and now you can finish the system with a trio of classic air cleaners! These all-new D-shaped air cleaners deliver great looks with a high-quality, cast-aluminum finned top and sturdy base designed specifically for FiTech’s unique 500-cfm throttle body. The assembly measures 7.125×4.75 inches and only 4 inches tall for added hood clearance. To ensure that only clean air enters the throttle body, an efficient cotton/gauze element is included. This material will capture any contaminants while allowing plenty of clean air to flow in to mix with the finely atomized fuel from the injectors. Features high-quality, cast-aluminum tops and bases; effective cotton/gauze filter element; all necessary gaskets, studs, and fasteners; and are available with as-cast or show-quality polished finishes.

For more info, contact FiTech Fuel Injection by calling (951) 340-2624 or visit fitechefi.com.