Still Hammerin’
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Lowered Brown 1949 Chevy Truck
Lowered 1952 GMC Truck
Turqoise 1947 Chevy Truck

know we have a very diverse group of readers who support this fine magazine, so I think it’s only fair to get everyone’s opinion on the type of content we’re featuring—more specifically, the types of trucks.

Let me expand on that. As far as the parameters go, CTP is not deviating from its YOM (year of manufacture), that being the ’40s on through to the end of the OBS era (pre Y2K). However, within those parameters, there are a lot of varying build styles and even truck styles for that matter. You may have noticed we’ve featured a couple-few classic 4x4s … well, that’s not only going to continue, it will definitely increase. But that’s not the area of concern here.

What I’m more interested in is the level of build styles we feature that y’all are interested in. To date, CTP has gravitated more toward the “high-end” builds, as do those other magazines out there. Personally, while I love the highest of high-end trucks, they’re not within my realm of ownership, even as a magazine editor. I can personally relate better with well-built, good-looking drivers. Through my travels in the last few years, there are a ton of them out there! Is that something you’d like to see more of, or are you content with the higher-end content?

When it comes to restored, barn-fresh, or just plain nice old stock trucks we may not venture too deep in that direction, as the word “performance” in Classic Truck Performance implies. However, as you’ve seen in recent issues, we won’t completely stray from those types of trucks either.

Ultimately, this is your magazine, even though I get to pick and choose what goes in each and every one! It’s not easy trying to please all the Chevy, Ford, and Dodge (as well as all the other manufacturers) fans all the time, but it is great not being limited to just one brand and having the ability to please as many classic truck folk as possible! With 12 issues publishing well over 50 features annually, hopefully that goal won’t be too difficult in 2023 … hopefully!