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June 2023
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Make It Yours. Make It Lokar. Modern Performance. Classic Style. Endless Options.
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selection of steering wheels
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Series Restored by Lokar
digital illustration of how to use a shifter
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selection of driving pedals
Series Restored by Lokar
Accessory belt drives on engine
White Squarebody Stepside
Accessory belt drives on engine
White Squarebody Stepside
Slammed Red K5 opentop
Black '45 Chevy COE with hood and fender flames
Blue custom '72 Suburban
Mechanic welding
Hot Rod
June 2023 CTP cover
On The Cover:
Tommy Koppinger captured the stunning images of Roadster Shop’s Legend Series No. 1, the Orange Blossom Special for this month’s stunning cover … and accompanying feature!
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Still Hammerin’
Rob Fortier headshot
Things, They Ain’t What They Used To Be …

ctober officially marks my 30th anniversary in the automotive publishing industry. Reflecting back on the past three decades, it amazes me not only how things have changed dramatically, but it also makes me feel blessed that there’s still a hobby to enjoy—and put food on the table.

To put things into perspective for the younger readers, when I started out back in 1993, the word “digital” was not in the magazine business dictionary. (Heck, the Internet wasn’t either!) I photographed everything with a non-metered Canon F1 SLR, wrote everything on an IBM 286 PC, and printed everything on dot matrix paper to be proofread by hand with a red grease pencil. But that was just the article preparation portion of being a magazine editor.

CTP  Parts Dept.
A G-Machine
1. New Foundations
Schwartz Performance is proud to expand their G-Machine Chassis offerings for classic trucks with the addition of a bolt-in chassis for ’47-54 GM trucks. The G-Machine Chassis is designed to bolt to most of the factory cab/body mounting locations and requires no floor cutting (except to accommodate different transmissions). The 6-inch framerails produce a rigid foundation that delivers a smooth ride with amazing handling to transform any vintage GM truck to a comfortable, stable ride.
CTP Feature
The Making of a Legend title
The Making of a Legend title
BY Rob FortierPHOTOGRAPHY BY Tommy Koppinger
Roadster Shop’s Orange Blossom Special: The No. 1 Legend Series Squarebody

ack in 2020, Roadster Shop began the R&D process of developing their Legend Series chassis. Using a ’73 C/K10 as a vehicular guinea pig, they constructed a 2×6 “laser rail” frame using—get this—late-model (’17) Chevy Silverado suspension and brakes, with the ultimate goal of creating—as they put it—their “most complete, full rolling chassis with modern comfort for classic trucks with the durability and serviceability of modern OEM (GM) components.”

CTP logo Tech

Project #Backpay Part: 2
Upgrading the Steering Column
BY Jason ChandlerPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

roject #backpay is the latest truck to go under construction from the guys at AMD. In the last article, we covered the install of the Classic Performance Products (CPP) power steering conversion. It went in with ease and is something you should definitely check out. Here we will be addressing the top end of the steering equation: the steering column.

Now, the original steering column wasn’t in bad shape when we started. However, it did need some work. With the cost to rebuild the stock column compared to the cost of the CPP column, plus the added benefits to the new unit, we chose to swap it out.

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CTP Feature

His Cup Now Runneth Over typography
His Cup Now Runneth Over typography

Michael Petramalo’s J-Rod & Custom–Built ’72 Suburban

BY ROB FortierPhotography BY John Jackson

ou know that old adage about a glass being half full versus half empty? Well, imagine how it applies to a project vehicle, if you will.

When Michael Petramalo and his family originally acquired their ’72 Chevy Suburban, they were under the impression it was, as they put it, a “nearly complete build” (glass half full, as it were). But upon further inspection once it was in their possession, “it didn’t take long for me to come to the realization that our definition of nearly complete was vastly different!” Michael admits.

CTP logo Event
"The REUNION Truck Show 2023"
Year Two in Downtown Chandler, Arizona, is a HUGE Success!
BY ROB FortierPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

hat a whirlwind weekend we had. Not only was the 2nd Annual Reunion Truck Show an absolute blast Saturday, March 11, in beautiful downtown Chandler, Arizona, but it was kicked off properly by our first-ever preparty at the QuartHaus the previous Friday evening, which, in our humble opinion, was a great success!

CTP Tech
Paul Wilson prepared for welding up holes in his ’52 Chevy pickup by adjusting his Miller Electric Manufacturing Company MIG welder on a scrap piece of sheetmetal.

1. Paul Wilson prepared for welding up holes in his ’52 Chevy pickup by adjusting his Miller Electric Manufacturing Company MIG welder on a scrap piece of sheetmetal.

An Open and Closed Case
Welding Up Unwanted Holes



egardless of whether a classic truck is being modified or restored, chances are that during the bodywork phase of the project there will be holes in the sheetmetal that will have to be filled. As a general rule (keeping in mind there are extenuating circumstances), small holes less than a 1/4 inch in diameter can be filled by welding only; bigger than a 1/4 inch a copper backup plate should be used. Holes 3/8 inch and larger should have plugs welded in place.

CTP Feature

Forged in Fire typography

Mike Di Maulo’s Flamed-Out ’45 Chevy COE is an Incendiary Build

BY Scotty LachenauerPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

hen Mike Di Maulo first laid eyes on a COE truck, he was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. “I had a fascination with trucks since I was a kid, and the ‘cab over engine’ design just drew me in. I was instantly hooked.” The Congers, New York, native decided early on that one day he was going to build a flat-nose for his very own; a truck that fired on all cylinders and created a hot mess wherever it roamed.

3/4th passenger side view of Mike Di Maulo's black '45 Chevy COE with red trim and a front flame paint job
CTP logoFeature star In the Shop

Orange County Hot Rods (OCHR) started life in the Orange County region of Southern California but is now thriving in Corona, California, located in neighboring Riverside County.
Hotrods Orange County
The father-and-son team of Aaron (left) and Kevin Hamusek are the two principles in the business that also employs three other builders/fabricators.
BY Eric GeisertPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

t an early age Aaron Hamusek was spending a lot of time with his hot rodding father checking out car shows and automotive swap meets in the ’70s-era Southern California. Yes, he liked skateboarding and building scale model cars, but what he gravitated toward was customizing stuff like using rattle can spray paintjobs on his bicycles.

In his high school years Aaron was into metal fabrication, machining, and welding, and by the time he got his driver’s license he had already built a single-seat buggy with a two-stroke 618cc engine with a full IRS and IFS setup. His first car (in high school) was a ’55 210 Chevy with dual quads over a 327 to which he began milling aluminum parts for (about the same time Lil’ John Buttera was doing it for Boyd Coddington).

CTP Feature

Joe Gregory’s C10 Takes Pro Touring Pickups to the Next Level
BY Tommy Lee ByrdPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

ver the past couple decades classic trucks have taken on new identities, ranging from meticulously detailed show trucks to drag racing trucks to corner-carving autocross trucks. Occasionally, a truck will roll out that gets everyone talking and that’s exactly what happened when Joe Gregory debuted his ’86 Chevrolet Stepside pickup. The color combo, the race-ready stance, and the Stepside bed turns heads wherever it goes. The main goal with the build was extreme performance on the autocross course, but Joe added details that took this Squarebody Chevy to the next level.

Moving Forward uppercase letters form typographic title in red
All American Billet’s Small-Block Chevy Serpentine Accessory Drive

hen function and form become one it is a well-designed and equally good-looking product, such as a machined-aluminum front drive system for your truck’s engine. Whether it’s a Ford Y-block, Hemi, LS/LT, Coyote, or a good ol’ small-block Chevy, our pals at All American Billet have a serpentine kit just for you. (Matter of fact, they have kits for FE/Cleveland and small-block Fords, small- and big-block Chrysler, big-block Chevy, and even a 4BT/6BT Cummins diesel!)

CTP logo Event
Lone Star Throwdown 2023 title with a collage of trucks from a show
Bringing the Heat to Conroe, Texas
BY Fuelish Media

hen it comes to truck per capita, Texas is definitely leading the nation! Where there are more trucks, there are more customs and that is quite visible as the Lone Star Throwdown is one of the largest shows in the nation. In fact, there are so many participants that the show has to limit registrations to 2,000 vehicles to ensure it’s not complete chaos.

As usual the event is held at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Conroe, Texas, and for 2023 it was the weekend of February 24-26. The weather normally poses a threat with rain to put a damper on this spectacle. Last year wasn’t the greatest, as it poured on Saturday, which is the main event time. However, the weather was sunny and warm this year, making for an excellent turnout.

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red truck driving and two black leather seats
close up of black and brother leather seats
close up of gray and brown leather seats
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red truck driving and two black leather seats
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close up of black and brother leather seats
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Top down view of twin-turbo LS in '68 Chevy truck
"Modern Technology: 3D Printed Hammerforms"
BY Ron CovellPHOTOGRAPHY BY Adam Cecil

ammerforming is one of the oldest metalworking processes around. It involves making a form from some durable material in the shape of the desired part, clamping a sheet of metal to it, and hammering the metal until it takes on the shape of the form.

Often these forms were made from wood, since it is fairly easy to work and the harder grades of wood provide enough durability to be used indefinitely. A properly constructed hammerform allows even a beginning metalworker to make a part that looks die stamped.


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