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Holley EFI Smart Coils for Coyote/Gen III Hemis
1. Holley EFI Smart Coils for Coyote/Gen III Hemis

These Holley EFI Smart Coils are a bolt-in ignition upgrade for your late-model Hemi or Coyote engine. The difference over stock is they produce more spark energy while consuming less power without sacrificing voltage output. This means you get hotter spark at the plug to burn the maximum amount of fuel in each cylinder while using less power from your electrical system.

For Coyote or Hemi combinations currently using Holley EFI or Terminator X, use Smart Coil Ignition Harnesses 558-312 and Coil Extension Harnesses 558-326 for a plug-and-play solution. For new Holley EFI installations on Coyote engines, use with Holley EFI Coyote Ti-VCT Main Harness for Smart Coils 558-122 and Smart Coil Ignition Harness 558-312 for a plug-and-play solution. Features include direct bolt-on to factory valve covers, same wiring pinout as other IGN-1A coils for easy plug-in upgrades (will not work with factory wiring), more spark energy than any other smart coil on the market for maximum fuel burn during combustion sequence, low current draw means less demand on the electrical and charging system, and built-in ignitor for compatibility with Holley EFI and many other aftermarket ECUs.

For more info, visit holley.com.

Bowler Transmissions Carbon Edition TREMEC Magnum and TKX
2. Bowler Transmissions Carbon Edition TREMEC Magnum and TKX

Bowler Transmissions released new Carbon Edition TREMEC Magnum six-speed and TKX five-speed upgrade packages. In the past Bowler offered some various upgrades but with the addition of their new in-house REM Isotropic finishing equipment, they’ve been able to take these transmissions one step further. The Carbon Edition package is designed to improve the transmission’s ability to handle higher horsepower/torque loads and/or extreme-use environments like road course and auto-X racing. You will notice a much better shift feel and ability to shift at higher rpm under these heavier loads on the transmission, plus quieter operation and less vibration. You don’t need to be racing to take full advantage of these benefits and the Carbon Edition package is an excellent upgrade for any application where you want the best possible performance out of your new TREMEC five- or six-speed transmission.

The Carbon Edition upgrade for the Magnum six-speeds will include upgraded carbon-fiber-lined blocker rings in all gears, even Reverse; custom aerospace polymer fork pads that can withstand more heat and friction than the best brass or bronze pads will endure for a more consistent and crisper shift; updated Second gear and synchronizer for longer life under harsh usage; and Bowler Night Stick billet shifter. Plus, these are guaranteed not to leak! REM Isotropic finishing on all gears, main shaft, counter shaft, and shift rails, and hand-fitted and shimmed reassembly by master TREMEC builders.

For more info, contact Bowler Performance Transmissions at (618) 943-4856 or visit bowlertransmissions.com.