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Hell’s Gate Hot Rods' Lug Pattern Drill Guide
1. Lug Pattern Drill Guide
Hell’s Gate Hot Rods makes it easy to change your wheel lug pattern with their Drill Guides. The drill guide, or “jig,” is a nifty tool that you can use to re-drill axles and drums to be able to use a different lug pattern without having to remove the axles from the vehicle or take the wheels down to a machine shop to get re-drilled to the desired pattern. The drill guides are made of steel for strength and durability and can be used many times over. The drill guides come in 13 different lug patterns, giving you a wide variety of options so you can fit the wheel of your choice.
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Hell’s Gate Hot Rods at (208) 305-6469 or visit hellsgatehotrods.com.
OE Rallye wheel rim
2. New OE Rallye Wheels for Classic Chevrolet and GMC Pickups
The new 42 Series GM Pickup Rallye product line from Wheel Vintiques consists of three sizes—15×7, 15×8, and 15×10—that will be applied to two center designs—one with a 5×5 bolt pattern that features 16 rectangular windows and one with a 6×5.5 bolt pattern with 10 larger rectangular windows. The five-lug wheel offers direct fitment on any Chevrolet or GMC ½-ton 1971-1998 two-wheel-drive truck. The six-lug version is a great choice for earlier C10s with the 6×5.5 bolt pattern and also work well on K10 four-wheel-drive trucks and K5 Blazers from the ’70s and ’80s.
If you need a set of wheels for your classic truck or simply want additional information regarding the enormous product line, contact
Wheel Vintiques at (800) 959-2100 or visit wheelvintiques.com.
Duralast Elite Brake Pads
3. Duralast Elite Brake Pads
The Elite Brake Pad series from Duralast delivers impressive braking performance combined with a revolutionary technology and ceramic formulation to increase the life of the rotor and the pads while eliminating noise. The Elite series features a patent-pending hexagonal coating that is application-specific and transferred to the rotor surface during the bed-in process. This transfer layer fills the microscopic gaps within the rotor to produce consistent stopping action while increasing the life of the pads and rotors. The ceramic friction material formula is copper-free and produces less dust along with quiet operation. In fact, Duralast has a noise-free guarantee on their Elite Brake Pads! The pads are formed with an OEM-style slot and chamfer for an enhanced OE fit, form, and function.
For more information on the Duralast Elite Series Brake Pads or their full line of brake pads and rotors and other OE and better-quality replacement parts, visit your nearest AutoZone auto parts store or simply go to
Brawler brake system
4. The Brawler Brake System From SSBC
The Brawler is SSBC-USA’s new billet aluminum six- and eight-piston caliper series specifically designed and manufactured for late-model Ford, GM, and RAM ½-ton trucks. It increases stopping power by 25-35 percent. Direct bolt-on caliper kits with no modifications required provide extreme braking performance while utilizing the original-equipment rotors. Of course, SSBC-USA offers the new “Dimple-Drilled” slotted and zinc-plated performance rotor upgrade to complement the “knock-out” punch from the Brawler calipers.
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SSBC-USA at (716) 775-6700 or visit ssbc-usa.com.
truck roof outer panel
5. Golden Star has you Covered
Golden Star Classic Auto Parts’ brand-new 1973-1987 GM Truck Roof Outer Panel is stamped using their all-new tooling. A great replacement for your rusty original, this panel has all of the factory-correct shapes and curves—just like OE and just like all of their Squarebody replacement sheetmetal. They are coated in a silver primer for corrosion resistance. Golden Star offers the best in classic muscle car and truck restoration panels and accessories.
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Golden Star Classic Auto Parts by visiting goldenstarauto.com.
Squarebody Clutch Pedal Kit
6. Squarebody Clutch Pedal Kit
Bowler Performance Transmissions announces the release of their new hydraulic clutch pedal conversion for the 1973-1987 Chevrolet/GMC trucks. This new conversion kit allows anyone with an automatic transmission pedal assembly to easily add a clutch pedal for a manual transmission conversion. The clutch pedal arrangement is based on the 1985-1987 light truck hydraulic pedal assembly with the ability to utilize the OE clutch master cylinder or an aftermarket hydraulic master cylinder. The add-on bracket is designed for a weld-on attachment but can also be bolted in place, if welding is not an option. There is also a built-in provision for the addition of a clutch safety switch (not included) if desired for applications not able to utilize a neutral safety switch on the transmission being used. The complete pedal conversion includes new clutch pedal, pedal attachment bracket, new brake pedal pad, two rubber pedal pads, and all necessary hardware. Bowler Performance Transmissions also sells an add-on hydraulic master cylinder kit for this conversion kit to allow connection to any hydraulic release bearing.
For more information, contact
Bowler Performance Transmissions at (618) 943-4856 or visit bowlertransmissions.com.