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’80-86 Ford F-150 Bolt-In/Weld-In Frame Stub
1. Fatman Fabrications’ ’80-86 Ford F-150 Bolt-In/Weld-In Frame Stub
Fatman Fabrications has been hard at work developing more bolt-in-capable kits for our front suspensions. Their newest addition covers the ’80-86 Ford F-150s. We decided that instead of having to cut out all of the twin-I beam crossmember a better approach on these trucks was to use our extensive experience building weld-on stubs and a whole new front frame section that will bolt on using some of the existing holes for location. The customer will have the option of welding it in for some extra peace of mind and added strength. By going to a cleaner, more compact, stronger set of 2x5x0.188-inch wall rails we’ve added a bunch of strength and stability. This kit will also use our new modular engine mount system. A set of tabs welded to the rear of the crossmember will provide a bolt-in point for a set of bushed stands that can be moved to fit Ford Windsors, big-block Fords, Coyotes, and even GM LS-based engines. You can swap engines whenever you like by just purchasing a set of engine mounts from Fatman and moving the stands into their proper location. They’ve set the mounts up using the factory driveline offset to keep the transmission centered up in the tunnel to minimize sheetmetal modifications and allow it to line up properly with the factory rearend.

For more info, contact Fatman Fabrications at (704) 545-0369 or visit fatmanfab.com.

’67-72 C10 Pedal Assemblies
2. Golden Star’s All-New ’67-72 C10 Pedal Assemblies
Golden Star Classic Auto announced their all-new, factory replacement pedal assemblies for the ever-popular ’67-72 Chevrolet/GMC 1/2-ton series. Available in both automatic (single pedal PN BK07-67AT) and manual (dual pedal PN BK07-67TM) options, the assemblies are the perfect addition when doing a brake and/or clutch upgrade on your C10 for those not wanting to use an aftermarket billet setup or have the hassle of finding a suitable junkyard replacement if your stock assembly is worn out.

For more information, contact Golden Star Classic Auto at (972)-315-3758 or goldenstarauto.com.

3. Dojamat: Retro Floor Mats Done Right!
Dojamat presents top-quality, retro-style rubber floor mats for your classic rig. Now you can get your favorite nostalgic rubber floor mats in a wide variety of colors and designs. Whether you want the year of your rig or a favorite slogan like Truck’n, 4×4, Squarebody, Bumpside, Dentside, Bullnose, Highboy, and many more (with more new options coming!). These throwback-style mats are premium, heavy-duty rubber with enhanced non-slip grip pads on the back to keep the mats in place.

For more info, contact Dojamat at dojamat.com or follow them on Instagram @dojamats.