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July 2022
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Series Restored by Lokar
Built for the Street!
2.5" Drop Spindles
Stock, Drop & Modular Spindles
Mustang II IFS Performance Systems
Carbureted or Fuel Injection-Ready
X10 Modular Extreme
CPP's Premium Steering Columns
Proven on the Track!
Coil-over Conversion
Rear Frame C-Notch Kits
Master Cylinder Booster Combos Kits
Engine Install Header Kits
Trac-Bars, Rear Axle Flip Kit, Adjustable Sway Bar Kits
Coil Springs & Shock Kits
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*Prices subject to change without notice, please inquire. (* = estimated at prices due to current rapidly changing costs.) Also, please note that kits and prices may vary between certain applications.
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A Blue Oval, A Bridged
Perfect Vision
A Blue Oval, A Bridged
Perfect Vision
Keepin' It On The Down Low ... And Quiet
Hard in the Paint
Three's Company
Classic Truck Performance July 2022 cover
On The Cover:
Thanks to Eric Geisert for capturing this month’s cover of Tim Cagle’s stunning second-gen Squarebody dubbed “Pandemic”!
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Still Hammerin’
Rob Fortier headshot
Style … Full Circle

hile I’m a tad bit young to be a true “first-gen” classic trucker, I have been around and involved since the hobby first started taking root. But my official involvement didn’t actually begin until what I consider the second phase—the classic truckin’ of the early ’90s when I started my career as a gearhead photojournalist. So, over the years, I’ve seen styles come and I’ve seen them go … some I Iiked, others I was glad to see them go! Ironically enough, as with pretty much every fad, many, if not most, of those earlier trends have come back in style!

Back in the late ’80s into the early ’90s, Pro Street was all the rage: Full-girth Mickey Thompsons, aka Sweet Meats, wrapping a set of Convo-Pros or Weld Drag Stars tucked up under the rear of bright yellow (or red/blue/green) ’56 F-100s were the staple of the hobby at the time. Crazy graphics were just about to hit the scene—but before that, custom painters got busy with all kinds of interpretive designs: splash/wet flames, scallops, simulated granite, you name it. (Many loved it … I thought most of it was gross!) At the time, mini-truckers were doing their thing—big time—but I’ll touch back on that later.

CTP  Parts Dept.
Fatman Bolt-In Front Suspension Kits
1. Fatman Bolt-In Front Suspension Kits
Fatman Fabrications proudly announces the newest addition to their line of bolt-in front suspension kits. This kit will cover the ever-popular ’65-79 Ford 1/2-ton pickups. By using Fatman’s industry-exclusive 1/4-inch wall crossmembers as a base and adding in a 3/16-inch wall inner and outer structure, these kits will once again be the strongest on the market. These kits are available hub to hub with Ridetech HQ series coilovers or ShockWaves. They include OE-style brakes in Ford 5-on-4.5 pattern to give you the widest selection of wheels possible. They also include bolt-in engine mounts currently available for the Ford FE and big-block engines with more to follow soon. Options such as Wilwood brakes, OE-style brakes in the factory 5-on-5.5 pattern, drop, or raised spindles and sways bars are available.

For more info, contact Fatman Fabrications by calling (704) 545-0369 or visit

CTP logoFeature star Feature
Pandemic typography
Pandemic typography
Tim Cagle’s Over-the-Top ’86 C10

e’ve all seen it happen: when a football is fumbled and someone from the other team picks it up and takes it down the field for a touchdown. Tim Cagle is that kind of guy. Living in Huntington Beach, California, 60-year-old Tim has been dabbling in cars since he was 16 (attending events like the Truck Jamboree in Costa Mesa, California, back in the day), but when he got older the hobby was set aside for family and creating a business. More recently he decided to get back into the truck scene and was flipping cars and trucks just before the initial COVID-19 pandemic started. Then a friend told him about an ’86 Chevy C10 Squarebody pickup that was for sale.

BY Ryan MansonPhotography BY THE AUTHOR
A Blue Oval, Abridged Title Typography
Part 1: A Kit Takes the Guesswork Out of Trimming a Longbed Effie

or those of us Ford fans, it seems to be getting harder and harder to find a good foundation on which to build a shortbed truck. Whether it’s a matter of production numbers or survivability, it seems that the longbed Fords far outnumber the shorties. That’s great if you need to haul a load of lumber, a motorcycle, or a camper shell, but if it’s a well-performing, healthy-handling pickup truck you’re after, an old longbed probably isn’t going to cut it. That is unless cutting it is the plan.

Always looking for the next great gap to fill in the market, the team at Golden Star Classic Auto Parts recently announced the release of their newly tooled short Fleetside bedsides for ’67-72 Ford pickups. This, in addition to also offering the front header panel, steel floor, wheelhouses, and tailgate, allows Golden Star to offer not only the components needed to repair or restore a classic Ford pickup, but also gives their customers the option to ditch the longbed setup for a brand-new shortbed box.

Cutting the frame with a saw
CTP Feature
Three's Company title
Three's Company title
Dale Deburger’s ’65 Dodge D100 Stands Proud Amongst the Bowties and Blue Ovals
BY Rob FortierPHOTOGRAPHY BY John Jackson/Not Stock Photography
“… Wanted to build a truck but wanted to do something other than a Chevy or Ford” were builder/owner Dale Deburger’s exact words when asked the proverbial “why” he built this gorgeous Sweptline Dodge. To take it one step further, he kept it slant-six powered! Now that’s going the extra mile to be different, but at the same time just as cool, if not cooler, than any Bowtie or Blue Oval on the block …. that’s for sure!
CTP logo Tech
Coil-over being created
1. Aldan American has been a leading manufacturer of coilovers for over 40 years. They’re perfect for updating any classic truck; in this case it’s a ’56 Chevrolet.
Coilover Conundrum
Answers to the Hows and Whys of Selection and Installation
BY Ron Ceridono

f all the improvements made to a classic truck, suspension modifications are arguably the most beneficial. There are a number of reasons for making suspension changes, not the least of which is what was expected from these trucks when new—they were designed to be tough, haul a load, and little else mattered. Today what we expect is a smooth ride, improved handling characteristics, and, more often than not, a lower profile. One of the most popular methods of achieving all those goals is with the installation of coilovers.

CTP logoFeature star Feature
Perfect Vision typography
Ken Ward’s Nostalgic Advance Design ’49 Chevy

rand loyalty affects everyone on a daily basis, regardless of whether it’s something as simple as a favorite coffee or soft drink brand, supermarket chain, clothing manufacturer, or even gas station. As you move on up the line into more costly investments, like computers, appliances, and trucks, you’ll often find that fans of exclusive manufacturers gravitate to their favorites for a number of reasons, ranging from price and quality to effectiveness in reaching personal goals. Simply stated, you know what you like and what it brings to the table for you.

CTP logo Tech

BY Rob FortierPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

Keepin' It On The Down Low ... And Quiet typography
DEI’s Boom Mat Thermal Acoustic Control & Under Carpet Lite ’67-72 C10 Insulation “Kit”

here’s nothing worse than the hot—and loud—interior of an old Chevy truck. Now that I’m an expert in the field of interior thermal-acoustic control dynamics (insert nerdy emoji), after recently equipping my ’48 three-window’s inner cab sanctum accordingly, I can fully attest to the importance of having the proper materials applied in the cab of your truck (no matter the year/make) BEFORE you begin laying any carpet or upholstery.

CTP logoFeature star Feature
The ’63 Ford F-100 Unibody Gunning to Be #1
BY Fuelish Media

t’s sometimes difficult to stand out in the large pool of custom trucks, but when that one certain pickup comes along that makes as many waves as this ’63 F-100 has, it’s difficult not to just stand and stare. Known affectionately to those in the know as “Numero Uno” or “Uno” for short, this clean-as-a-whistle classic Ford Unibody boasts one of the most sanitary of exterior façades to date on any truck anywhere, but what’s underneath the hood is as dirty as it gets.

CTP logo Tech
shot of the newly installed brakes before the wheel is reinstalled
newly installed brakes covered with a 20-inch contrast-cut U.S. Mags rimmed tire
NBS for the OBS typography
aka, Performance Online’s Rear Disc Upgrade for ’88-98 Chevy 1/2-Tons!
BY Rob FortierPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

t’s been a minute or few since we last visited Western Chassis’ OBS suspension and brake offerings (Dec. ’20 issue, to be exact!), so we figured it was past due time to take a closer look at their sister company Performance Online’s (POL) Blackout Series of ’88-98 Chevy/GMC 1/2-ton brake kits—11.75-inch rear disc setup for the non-such-equipped OBS 1/2-tons (PN RWB58898).

If you’re tired of your C/K 1500/GMT400’s stock 10-inch rear drum brake performance and are looking for a direct bolt-on kit (in lieu of doing the Internet’s favorite backyard mechanic “late-model” swap), Performance Online’s new kit for the Chevy/GMC pickups (as well as the similarly equipped ’92-00 Blazer/Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban) will do the trick … without emptying your wallet.

CTP Feature
Hard in the Paint
Blue, Orange and Yellow paint job
Paint Job
Ford rear door
Eric “Edog” Michaud’s ’65 Ford F-100
BY Rob Fortier  PHOTOGRAPHY BY Tim Sutton

n a world where patina has never been more prevalent and so in vogue, it’s more than just a breath of fresh air to see the exact opposite: over-the-top custom paint—whether it’s a completely flawless single-color paintjob or, in this case, the exact opposite—an “every color” custom job by the master, Eric “Edog” Michaud.

A plumber by day, Edog has spent the last couple decades of evenings and weekends perfecting his true craft of custom painting and car/truck building (every aspect, from chassis to metalwork and literally everything in-between). His latest, this amazing ’65 Ford short-slab, was originally bodyworked and painted for a fellow club member back in 2015; by the following year, after the truck had earned itself a “Best Lowrider Truck” at the 2016 Grand National Roadster Show, he took full ownership of the F-100 and proceeded to rack up the miles himself.

CTP logoFeature star Event
The Meguiar’s 2022 Detroit Autorama The Motor City Comes Roaring Back
BY Eric Geisert Photography By THE AUTHOR

e don’t know anyone who hasn’t been ready to get back to going to hot rod car shows. After a nearly 24-month layoff, the Meguiar’s Detroit Autorama, presented by O’Reilly Auto Parts, rolled back into the Motor City’s downtown convention center for the event’s 69th time.

Since the last Autorama there were some obvious changes (since 1964 the show’s location has been inside the massive Cobo Hall but, after being renamed twice in two years, the facility is now called Huntington Place), but many aspects of the original happening have remained intact.

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