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The Granatelli Motor Sports 12V Electric Vacuum Pump Kit
1. Boost Vacuum … Electronically
The Granatelli Motor Sports 12V Electric Vacuum Pump Kit is an all-new design using forward-thinking technology not seen before in this segment. What does this mean? The Granatelli design utilizes a rotary vein–style pump with an enlarged diaphragm to ensure maximum suction while remaining nearly dead quiet and vibration free. Utilizing an MAVP (Manifold Absolute Vacuum/Pressure Sensor), it eliminates the need for old-school vacuum switches and relays. This configuration also guarantees an incredibly quick vacuum recovery time ensuring 17- to 23-inch Hg vacuum all the time. It comes in four standard configurations: bare (no outer shell), black, chrome, or gunmetal gray ABS plastic outer shell. They even offer custom color options for a nominal fee. These kits comes complete with 5 feet of ⅜-inch supporting vacuum hose, proper wiring harnesses for an easy install, and vibration dampeners, all while maintaining a common mounting hole configuration.
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Granatelli Motor Sports at (805) 486-6644 or visit granatellimotorsports.com.
Duralast Ball Joint
2. Top-Quality Suspension Components
Thinking about how to best update the ride quality of your classic car or truck? You should start by taking a look at the bushings, ball joints, and steering linkage. Chances are these parts are worn-out, resulting in unwanted movement and motion from your suspension arms and steering components. Duralast offers a full line of tie-rod ends, ball joints, centerlinks, idler arms, and more to help you update your steering and suspension for a smoother, safer ride. All of their suspension components are designed to meet or exceed the original equipment quality and performance. Forged, micro-alloy steel construction improves tensile strength for ball retention in ball joints, control arms, and tie-rod ends. Grade hardened bolts are utilized and elastomer boots produce a secure seal for lasting protection. Duralast offers extensive coverage for older vehicles and parts are readily available at your local AutoZone store. With a little elbow grease you’ll be amazed how a few bushings, ball joints, and steering components can tighten up the handling and driving feel of your classic.
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Duralast by visiting your nearest AutoZone auto parts store or visit duralastparts.com.
Boom Mat Tape from Design Engineering (DEI)
3. Insulative Finishing Touch
Add a finishing touch to any noise-blocking or sound-damping project with versatile Boom Mat Tape from Design Engineering (DEI). Offering the same qualities as DEI’s Boom Mat damping material, multipurpose Boom Mat Tape helps reduce vehicle road-noise, sound system vibrations, rattles, dashboard plastic-to-plastic chafing, and more. Use it to cover seams, fix leaks, and to secure and protect cables, wires, and lines. In fact, possibilities extend far beyond just vehicles with plenty of in-home applications, such as applying Boom Mat Tape to the bottom of metal sinks to eliminate ringing or on sump pump pipes to keep them from vibrating. Simple to use, Boom Mat Tape requires no special tools for installation. The easy-to-cut material comfortably conforms to a variety of shapes and adheres to any metal, aluminum, fiberglass, or plastic material, as well as many types of foam padding and fabrics. Made from 2.5mm-thick butyl rubber with aluminum facing, Boom Mat Tape is offered in 2-inch-wide by 20-foot black rolls (PN 50215) as well as 1.5-inch-wide by 20-foot silver rolls (PN 50449). Simple peel-and-stick application is aided by an easy-to-remove clear release liner.
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Design Engineering at designengineering.com.
XS Power XV lithium battery
4. High-End Voltage
XS Power Batteries is proud to introduce their all-new XV line of lithium batteries. Engineered and built in Knoxville, Tennessee, and constructed from Lithium Titanate chemistry, XV batteries are non-hazardous and require no special charger. Weighing less than 8 pounds and providing 1,000 cranking amps, the XS Power XV lithium batteries also have a life expectancy up to five times that of a comparable lead acid battery and can handle temperatures as low as 40 below! Available in many direct-fit sizes and designed to be used with stock or high-performance alternators, the XV line is a great choice to drop weight and add power to any street, strip, or race car. Starting at just $449.99, the XS Power XV lithium batteries are also an exceptional value! XS Power is a manufacturer and distributor of high-performance batteries, chargers, capacitors, cables, and accessories. They offer AGM lead acid, lithium, and custom-made power solutions as well as a complementary line of accessories to the automotive, powersports, marine, and commercial markets worldwide.
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XS Power Batteries at (865) 688-5953 or visit xspowerbatteries.com.
Line of Motul Classic Motor Oil formulas
5. Keep Classic Engines up to Snuff with Motul Classic Motor Oil
Motul took its 170 years of motor oil know-how and bottled it in the reformulated Classic Motor Oil line to provide even more protection for engines of a “certain age.” The additive blends are specifically suited to accommodate the tolerances and gasket materials of vintage engines to keep them running strong. Motul Classic Motor Oil formulas include: Classic Motor Oil, Classic 2100, Classic Eighties Motor Oil, and Classic Nineties Motor Oil. The Classic Motor Oil is a mineral-based 20W-50 weight oil made for engines fitted in vintage cars or bikes built after 1950. Ideal for use in classic car engines running looser engine tolerances, the oil has mid-level detergents to prevent carbon deposits, molybdenum to boost performance, and can also be used as a break-in oil. The semi-synthetic Classic 2100 15W-50 weight oil is made for naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines built after 1970. It contains more ZDDP to keep flat-tappet cams protected and offers better cold viscosity to reduce wear during startup. The synthetic base allows for stay-in-grade viscosity that keeps oil pressure constant and has modern detergents to prevent carbon deposits. Classic Eighties Motor Oil is formulated for use in vehicles with higher compression naturally aspirated, supercharged, and turbocharged engines. The semi-synthetic 10W-40 weight oil is high in ZDDP and molybdenum for superior antiwear protection and performance whether you’re running an original or rebuilt engine underhood. Classic Nineties Motor Oil is a mineral-based, semi-synthetic multigrade 10W-30 weight oil that works in ’90s-era engines and emission systems. It has low viscosity, sheer stability under pressure, and a balanced additive package with plenty of ZDDP and molybdenum. These additives work to protect your engine even during storage and extended periods of disuse.
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