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February 2023
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Hot Rod
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On The Cover:
Wes Allison captured this month’s cover, the Seedorf ’54 Chevy built by Harold’s Hot Rod Shop, in pure Wes Allison style: Perfectly!
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*Prices subject to change without notice, please inquire. Also, please note that kits and prices may vary between certain applications.
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Still Hammerin’
Rob Fortier headshot



s I was finishing up last month’s editorial, we were just preparing to head off to Las Vegas for the 2022 SEMA Show. Well, we did just that, and I’m now here to report on how that all went down.

Following last year’s post-pandemic return after taking the previous year off, there was speculation on what kind of turnout this year’s SEMA would generate—especially with the news that Chevrolet and Ford (among others) would not be in their usual campsites surrounding our beloved Hot Rod Alley. Well, let’s just say that overall, I was more than pleasantly surprised—other than the fact that I absolutely do not like Vegas, that is.

Upon my initial stroll into the Las Vegas Convention Center (after obtaining the required credentials), for the first time in who knows how many years, I was not greeted by the usual blue neon glow shining out onto Hot Rod Alley that I was used to seeing, as Ford Motor Company’s replacement, Toyota/TRD, was brightly illuminated in white light. That, however, was overshadowed in an audible manner just 100 yards or so away by Chevy’s replacement, Mopar’s extremely loud (and annoying) display promoting whatever non-gas-guzzling Dodge product they were pushing. But neither of those so-called distractions were enough to eclipse what the real focal point of my SEMA 2022 experience was.

CTP  Parts Dept.
Bedwood and Parts F-Series Retroliner made of wood
1. Bedwood and Parts F-Series Retroliner

BedWood and Parts announces the release of its new RetroLiner for the ’73-79 Ford F-Series pickup. The RetroLiner is an industry exclusive, application specific, real wood bed liner system designed for pickup trucks with a factory metal bed floor. It offers classic styling in a variety of natural wood tones and colors to customize the largest flat surface on your pickup. Each RetroLiner kit includes the following components, features, and benefits: laser measured, 3-D modeled, and digitally designed to ensure precise fitment. CNC milled to match the contours of the truck bed with a state-of-the-art mounting system that allows the RetroLiner to “float” just above the stock metal bed floor, allowing rain or wash water to drain appropriately. It is pre-sealed with your choice of HydroSatin or HydroShine proprietary waterborne exterior wood sealer and finish. Available in a wide variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods to accent any paint or interior color. No drilling is required so you won’t threaten your body warranty. Simple installation requires nothing more than an Allen wrench. The kit includes all wood components, mounting frame, mounting pads, a complete set of pre-cut, pre-punched polished stainless steel bed strips, and a complete polished stainless steel hardware kit, neatly packaged in a single box and ready to install. Can be easily removed and reinstalled to accommodate various hauling situations.

The Elephant Under the Hood
The Seedorf ’54 Chevy
BY John GilbertPhotography BY Wes Allison

n accumulation with age, there’s always a story that comes with a classic truck with years of family history attached. The ’54 Chevy 3100 gracing these pages, known as the “Hemi Truck,” is no exception. 

It was the mid ’70s in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and young Ricky Seedorf drove this five-window ’54 Chevy to high school every day. After graduating high school Ricky parked the ’54 outdoor next to a barn and it sat rusting away for decades. Then one day Ricky and his older brother, Tom, a devout Mopar guy, got to talking and Ricky gave Tom the ’54, with the only caveat being he wanted a ride when it was done; shortly afterward in 2014 Ricky rolled his truck on I-40 heading toward Oklahoma City and was killed.

teal '54 Chevy
CTP Tech
Kugel Komponents’ all-new C10 IFS

1. Kugel Komponents’ all-new C10 IFS is without question one of the most versatile, easy-to-install, superbly performing suspension upgrades you can possibly equip your ’63-87 Chevy/GMC C10 with. The complete kit includes everything pictured (Kugel-fabricated bolt-in crossmember with integrated motor mounts and QA1 upper hats and preassembled tubular control arms) as well as …

Taking Bolt-in To The Next Level

Kugel Komponents’ All-New ’63-87 C10 Chevy Truck Coilover IFS System

BY ROB FortierPhotography by THE AUTHOR


or what it’s worth, all C10 trucks had pretty decent suspensions from the factory. From 1971 on up, their front brakes weren’t too shabby, either. But pretty decent and not too shabby after 50-odd years—coupled with how those once-workhorse haulers are now used—just doesn’t cut it … not even close.

For your ’63-66 and ’67-72 C10s, the upgrade options are plentiful. In the past few years, options for the ’73-87s have multiplied as well. Today, however, all the rage is going with a full chassis swap—but for folks (like me) with a rather limited budget, that rage isn’t even an option to consider. Realistically, even some of the complete front suspension kits are up there in price range as well.

CTP Feature
High-End Highboy title
High-End Highboy title
Father and Son Build the Ultimate Old-School Ford F-250

ord truck enthusiasts are a passionate group who lead the pack in terms of nicknames for their favorite body styles—Unibody, Bumpside, Dentside, just to name a few. Although less common, another nickname is the “Highboy,” a name that refers to ’67-77 1/2 Ford F-250s, specifically those optioned with four-wheel drive. These trucks naturally sat higher than their two-wheel-drive brothers due to the driveline configuration, earning the name and reputation for hard work. Highboys were rarely recognized for their fit and finish or overall build quality, but a father-and-son from Madisonville, Tennessee, changed that with the restoration of this immaculate ’69 Ford F-250.

CTP  Tech
All About Abrasives
1. There is a wide assortment of abrasive products available for use on your truck project. Making the proper selections can save a lot of time.
The Fundamentals of Metal Preparation
BY Ron CovellPhotography BY The Author

or any truck project, you’ll need to do a lot of sanding and grinding. These processes are so fundamental to metalworking that most people don’t give them a second thought. The more you understand about using these products properly, the more money you can save on materials, with the bonus of getting better results.

Abrasives have been around for ages–going back to 13th century China when they actually glued sand onto parchment to make sandpaper. The technology has evolved considerably since then, and the abrasive media used for modern-day cutting, grinding, and smoothing has advanced tremendously.

Through the Ashes typography

Project FIRED is a ’59 Apache with Hard-Earned Patina

BY Tommy Lee ByrdPhotography BY Grinder TV


ature’s elements can be quite corrosive, especially when there are more than 60 years in the rearview mirror. Wooden bed floors, steel body panels, and rubber seals are susceptible to nature’s corrosive tendencies, although California’s atmosphere is typically kind to sheetmetal. The downside to the dry California climate is the likelihood of wildfires, which are widespread disasters that have claimed many lives, homes, and hot rods through the years. Depending on the intensity of the fire, it can turn a vehicle into an unrecognizable heap of molten metal, but in the case of this ’59 Chevrolet Apache, it provided a wild, charred patina that would be impossible to replicate.

three quarter view of a '59 Apache with a dark patina finish, parked on a desert highway at sunset
In the Shop logo
"Behind the Scenes With the Scott’s Hotrods ’51 Chevy"
Brushed metal truck body and new custom bed floor
Behind the Scenes With the Scott’s Hotrods ’51 Chevy
Part 3: The Amazing, Handmade, Custom Bed Floor
BY Kenneth “Stress Ball” DeKiserrePhotography By Camren Beattie

nitially, we weren’t really sure what we wanted to do with the bed in terms of design. All I knew was I wanted it to look stock-ish, but with a lot of very subtle adjustments and modifications to make it look timeless and correct from the outside. I wanted all the outside modifications to be just enough for anyone who knows these trucks to have to do a double take and get up closer to study it. Then, once you got closer, you could see the inside of the bed, which I still wanted to keep very simple and elegant yet also make a little bit of a statement.

CTP Event
Sophomore Success title

1,200 Trucks Roll Into Nashville Superspeedway for the C10 Nationals

BY Tommy Lee ByrdPhotography By THE AUTHOR


cross the country, trucks continue to grow in popularity. We’re seeing the market explode, especially with OBS trucks, but the classic trucks we all know and love continue to evolve and push the scene to new heights. With this type of growth, we’re seeing new truck events pop up all over the country. One of the newest shows is the Classic Parts of America C10 Nationals presented by Chevrolet Performance. While this event got its start in Texas, it grew into a second event in Nashville, which was very successful in its inaugural event in 2021.


BY Scotty LachenauerPhotography BY THE AUTHOR

Goldie-Rocks! typography

Cruisin’ on a High Note in Phill Cann’s Lo-Fi–Styled ’68 C10


ometimes, when thrashing out a build, it’s more important to be mindful of what’s left out of the mix than to be concerned with what’s been added in. So, When Phill Cann of North Smithfield, Rhode Island, was putting together his ’68 C10 shortbed, code-named “Goldilocks,” he knew that the old adage “less is more” was the mind-set he wanted to stick to when laying out his current build. “I didn’t need a lot of add-ons, tricks, or over-the-top alterations. I just wanted a truck that checked all my boxes with just the bare-bones necessities, all the while being a head turner to boot. I think I accomplished my goal with Goldilocks.”

three quarter view of Phill Cann's Lo-Fi-Styled '68 C10 shortbed truck in gold and ivory, parked near an arching overpass

CTP  Tech
Tips ’n’ Tricks From the Standing Pit
Rocker Step Prep
BY “Rotten” Rodney BaumanPhotography BY The Author

f you’ve ever worked in a paint shop, or even done your own paintwork at home, you know it’s not completely pleasant. In the trade, new painters’ helpers generally become aware of that on their very first day.

As a painter’s helper in the ’70s, I didn’t exactly start at the top. Determined to work my way up, however, I knew if I stuck with it I’d one day graduate from the sanding pit. Little did I know—that day never comes!

Because a quality finish involves far more prepping than painting anyway, conscientious painters (at least the ones I know) don’t pass all of the prep chores along to helpers. For me in this shop there are none, but Mrs. Rotten is a good hand. Through our years together she’s participated in countless sanding pit parties. She gets it, but she’s not here today—and here I go again.

CTP Event
"Welcome Home!"
The F-100 Supernationals & All Ford Show Returns to the Great Smoky Mountains
BY Tommy Lee ByrdPhotography By THE AUTHOR

vents come and go, but it’s always a challenge when a really great event changes ownership, venues, or format. The F-100 Supernationals & All Ford Show has experienced exactly that but seems to have found a home back in Sevierville, Tennessee, under the direction of Danny Blackwell. This tourist town is just a few miles away from even bigger tourist towns Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. The location provides awesome views of the Great Smoky Mountains, and plenty of activities both at the event and afterhours. Plus, the Parkway that runs through Sevierville and Pigeon Forge is one of the greatest cruising areas in the country.

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