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“BIG” Things “In Store” for 2022!


aying the New Year is going to be “big” is more often than not just a form of PMA, especially in these absurdly trying times. But, after the last two years have treated us, in the grand scheme of things, it would only seem natural that things can’t get much worse. But for us here at In The Garage Media, well, we do have some very promising news!

If you’re a subscriber (sorry, prescriber!), you’ve already seen and/or held in your hands what I meant by “big” things—we’ve literally stepped up our printed paper game by increasing the physical size of the magazine. We figured since we’ve got such amazing content to fill the magazine with, why not give it the space it deserves to be seen by our readers? So, starting with last month’s Jan. ’22 issue, we’ve gone to a larger 9×10-7/8 trim format (up from 7-5/8×10-1/2), which means you’re literally getting more for your money! In today’s world of less is more, anytime you get more for less (or in this case, for the same cover price!) is a win.

December 2021 edition cover of Classic Truck Performance Magazine
January 2022 edition cover of Classic Truck Performance Magazine
Long gone are the days of tissue paper–thin pages and constantly shrinking trim sizes—we’re proud of the product we produce and see no benefit in this day and age in shortchanging the readers/consumers. While our rates are beyond reasonable, we’re not luring people in with ridiculously low subscriptions or the dreaded “lifetime” offers; as history has shown, those simply lead to disastrous results in the long run.

There’s one more bit of good news to report, as the title once again alludes to. Despite our initial intentions of not playing the retail outlet game, it has come to our realization that having a presence on the newsstand is still as important as it was back when there were newsstands on nearly every corner! With that said, again starting with the January issues, you can find us in select Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million outlets. And considering our increased size, that won’t be hard to do!

As we enter this new year, on behalf of all of us here at In The Garage Media, I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support of this great hobby—and magazine—of ours! We entered this venture back in 2019 totally unsure of what the future held for print/digital media as such. But thanks to all of you, that has turned things into a very promising future indeed! Thank YOU!