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Winters Performance solid-axle rear
Quick-change rearends have been a staple of racing and high-performance street vehicles for over 70 years. The premise is simple: Instead of the driveshaft connecting directly to the ring-and-pinion as in a fixed-ratio rearend, on a quick-change it connects to a pair of easily changeable, rear-mounted spur gears that drive the pinion. That means you can pop off the gear cover and change the final drive ratio within minutes right in your driveway, at the cruise-in, or in the pits, swapping from a highway-friendly ratio to one that allows you to rip-and-tear around town or at the track.

Winters Performance has been manufacturing speed parts since 1958, and for the last 50 years their name has been synonymous with quick-change rearends. For custom truck builders they offer both independent and solid-axle rears in two sizes: their big Champ Quick Change (shown) with a 10-inch 4.12 ring-and-pinion, and the smaller V-8 quick-change with an 8 3/8-inch 3.78 ring-and-pinion. The Champ is rated to handle 1,000 hp while the V-8 is rated to 600 hp, and both are equipped with limited-slip differentials (and can be optioned with spools for racing applications). And with over 30 gearsets available for each size rear, dialing in the perfect final drive ratio is a snap.

For more info, contact Winters at (717) 764-9844 or visit wintersperformance.com.

Phoenix Machine six-gauge instruments panel


From Phoenix Machine, these six-gauge instruments panels for ’61-66 Ford F-100s are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. Machined for standard 3 3/8-inch and 2 1/16-inch gauge sizes and drilled for LED indicator lights, which are included with purchase. Each panel is polished to a mirror finish and contoured for an overlay fit on stock dash bezels. Requires using the stock steel bezel, which will require cutting holes for gauge clearance.

For more info, contact Phoenix Machine at (920) 841-0500 or visit phoenixmachinellc.com.

Scott’s Hotrods’ 100 percent American-made CNC Billet LowPro C10 hood hinge installed on a car
If you are planning on putting your ’60-66 Chevrolet C10 truck on the ground and still want to maintain factory-style use of your hood, Scott’s Hotrods ’N Customs manufactures the answer to all of your hood hinge ailments. Scott’s Hotrods’ 100 percent American-made CNC Billet LowPro C10 hood hinges are now available! The problem C10 owners face when slamming their ’60-66 C10 trucks to the ground is the fact that the stock inner fenders are removed to clear the new, larger wheels and tires. And that’s exactly where the stock hood hinge bolts on. Some not-so-desirable options include four hood pins like a race truck or fabricating some sort of reverse tilting hood hinge. The engineers at Scott’s Hotrods designed low-profile hood hinges that bolt onto the firewall. A backing plate is provided to weld onto the inside of the firewall for added support.

For more info, contact Scott’s Hotrods ‘N Customs at (800) 273-5195 or visit scottshotrods.com/online-catalog.