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Short bed frames
1. Hotshoe Hot Rods’ ’67-87 Chevy C10 Shortbed Frame
Hotshoe Hot Rods (HHR) introduces a new line to their older truck series frames. For Chevrolet they now offer ’67-87 shortbed frames. These are built with 11-gallon P&O steel and are laser cut for accuracy to produce the proper shape of an original framerail. Then, the ’rails are boxed to give them superior strength. The centersection is made from 1-1/2×0.120-inch wall P&O steel round tube shaped in-house with their digital tubing bender and built in a fissure for consistency. The frame comes with all external mounting brackets. HHR can add front and rear suspensions from a variety of sources. The frame and all components are fit together and TIG welded for strength and cleanness. All frames come with a hand-ground 50-grit finish. If you’re looking for a custom handbuilt frame, this is it. HHR is proud to have their first ’73-87 frame under the NSRA Giveaway Truck for 2023.

For more info, contact Hotshoe Hot Rods by calling (417) 466-0288 or visit hotshoehotrods.com.

exhaust system
2. Tuck Up That Exhaust System With Granatelli Motor Sports’ Oval Exhaust Components
Is your exhaust system sitting too low and scraping the pavement? Consider converting that round tubing system to one made with low-profile oval tubing. It’s easy to do with Granatelli Motor Sports oval exhaust components. The line of stainless steel straight tubing, bends, and mufflers allows you to build a 3-inch-diameter system that is just 2.25 inches tall. That means you get the flow of a big exhaust system plus an extra 0.750 inch of ground clearance. Granatelli Motor Sports oval exhaust components are mandrel bent from 409 stainless steel for maximum flow and long life. Straight tubing is available in 5-foot lengths; vertical and horizontal bends are available in 45- and 90-degree angles. Granatelli also makes a stainless steel muffler with 3-inch oval center inlet/offset outlets and a polished case. Granatelli Motor Sports transitions let you mate headers to oval tubing or add 3-inch oval tubing to an existing 3-inch round tube exhaust system. Summit Racing also carries Granatelli Motor Sports Oval Exhaust Cutouts. The CNC-machined aluminum cutouts have a smart chip-controlled activation switch to open and close the butterfly plates, stainless steel butterfly plates and blade shafts, high-torque DC gear-reduction motors, and plug-and-play wiring connections. Kits are available for single- and dual-exhaust systems.

For more information, contact Summit Racing Equipment by calling (800) 230-3030 or summitracing.com.