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History … Being Made

ince 2004, the Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS) has not only been SoCal’s premier indoor car show, it’s been THE premier car show, period. For as long as I can remember, above and beyond the event’s main featured attraction—America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR)—the GNRS has pulled off some of the most notable “special attractions.” Most notably, the “Customs, Then & Now,” last year’s hugely successful Volkswagen display, and of course the ’32 Ford (Deuce) anniversaries have all featured some of the greatest collections of like vehicles in one building that I’ve ever seen!

Last year, as judging was underway for the 2022 AMBR, I was pulled aside by Kevin Doyle from Rod Shows and asked what I thought about a “classic truck”–themed building for 2023’s 73rd Annual GNRS. Well, I didn’t even have to take a millisecond to think about … where do we sign up?!

GNRS Flyer
Come this past May, with LMC Truck officially on board as the main sponsor, Rod Shows has kicked it into high gear getting this historic display (being held in Building 9) organized for the GNRS coming up February 3-5, 2023, at the Fairplex in Pomona. Appropriately, they’ve dubbed this unique gathering “Keep On Truckin’: 50 Years of Classic Haulers.”

Fairplex’s enormous Building 9 will be filled to the walls with (in upwards of, if not more) 100 of the most memorable classic trucks (there will also be a sampling of renowned mini-trucks and vans as well). But that’s not all. Outside those packed walls, two of the hobby’s biggest clubs (we’ll announce who at a later date) will have the perimeters lined with as many trucks as they can fit Friday through Sunday as part of the Grand Daddy Drive-In … classic truck style!

Yours truly will have 10 past cover trucks proudly on display, front and center, in Building 9. Just which 10, you ask? Well, we can’t answer that yet, ’cause we’re still working on the selection and availability! However, we’ll definitely have more than 10 CTP feature trucks on display, but you can also expect to see some memorable trucks from Classic Trucks, Truckin’, Sport Truck, Mini Truckin’, and others.

Once again, this will be a must-see, historic gathering! Stay tuned—or visit for more information as it develops. We can’t wait!