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The Good, The Bad, The Badass: Part 2
The Good, The Bad, The Badass: Part 2
Steve Medeiros’ ’69 C10

wo months prior to Slick’s Fab Shop taking on Stephen Medeiros’ ’67, they’d already embarked on his first C10 project—a nature-preserved original-but-modernized ’69 SWB. “When Steve bought the truck, it was a complete basketcase and needed a lot of attention and parts.” That was in June of 2020 … here we are just a little over a year later and that basket and its absence of parts is, well, anything but!

different parts for 1969 C10
rear of truck
bed of truck
inside car door
Slick’s took to the chassis first, retrofitting the suspension with QA1 coilovers front and rear, Classic Performance Products spindles, and Master Power Brakes performance disc brakes behind a quartet of accent-powdercoated 20-inch Detroit Steel Delrays with 35-series Nitto NT555 radials. A Holley-equipped LS/4L-based drivetrain, which is surrounded by all the OE underhood sheetmetal, replaces the old SBC.
car hood
car emblem
Slick’s Mark Endersbee preserved that natural patina with a healthy coating of PPG satin clear—but not before a bit of traditional pinstriping was added fore and aft. Some new brightwork was added to help liven up the aged exterior, but for the most part, she’s as-was—right down to the steel bed floor. Similarly, the interior features OE-type green vinyl upholstery, however just like its shiny brother, the ’69 features updated Dakota Digital RTX instrumentation—this time flanking an ididit column topped with a Forever Sharp billet wheel.

The reason for originally building this one for Medeiros? As Slick’s put it, simply because “Steve is a big fan of ’69s and wanted a badass Chevy, so it just made sense!”.

truck engine
1969 C10